Swimming in gloom

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 Jumper +bag; Urban outfitters,Shirt;Topshop,Jeans; Topshop Leigh,
Gosh the last picture is quite fuzzy :S .I think this is probably one of the first mostly all black outfit i've ever worn. Before Christmas i was contemplating whether or not to get black jeans . So finally on boxing day i decided to get these black leigh ankle grazers ,it was between those of the high waisted corduroy jeans in the sale i was going to get both at first but then i was like "Hollie be real". The only issue with these are that they're not proper denim (sigh) (always sighing ,especially for the price of them ).And also look at the ugly face on my jumper (gasp) But i really like this jumper it was on sale and i was like "ahhhh" but people keep saying whats that ugly face on your jumper and i'm like "its notorious.....jeez)


Slowest street in town

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Top; Urban outfitters, Pinafore; Topshop,Coat; Asos,Shoes; Doc marten,bag; eastpak
I have realised that i look slightly disheveled in these photos ,I do apologize as i'm trying to get myself back into the swing of blogging.I cant stop wearing my new doc marten 1461 shoes they're the bomb(can i say that?..).At the moment i'm trying to refrain myself from buying anything .But i am obsessed with iPhone cases i already have 4 which i alternate every week. but i need a bumper case for it and then Urban outfitters iPhone cases are too nice  ....(*sigh*). What can i say? i enjoy dressing my phone up.


Fresher than Mint

camera009_zpsfb7541d9 camera007_zpsb657ac29

This is ..(Almost put 'est' there .My desire to constantly interject french words into my writing slightly worries me as im doing Spanish for GCSE).Anyway this is my Diana F+ camera that my friends kindly bought me a chrsitmas/Birthday gift. Its so cute.. Although Urban outfitters are useless ; they were only selling this negative 120mm film :( . But i know i can just get other film elsewhere  so its cool.Christmas is officially over (except for the tree) .The amount of times i have been to oxford street during the holidays is crazy and im sorry to have to say this but im......SICK of it.I cant stand how much walking i do on that damned street Or the masses of people . But then again they do have the best tophsop...... (Rant over). Hope everyone had a lovely christmas and moreover has a great new year .


For your eyes only


The glasses company Firmoo contacted me and asked me if i would like a free pair of glasses  ... And so i was ' like hell yeah!' so i picked out the pair of my choice. i initially wanted them in tortoise shell but it seemed they were unavailable,So i went with the black.Although they have a whole range of prescription and non prescription classes and sunglasses.So go check 'em because they're real cheap and real good.Also i  do apologize for my absence ; but i'm having a form of midlife crisis.And i need to get my crap together .



cakesale060-1 cakesale058-2
Dungarees;vintage,coat; Asos,jumper +snood ; H&M
No i was not decapitated , my face was just really weird in these photos so i cropped it out..I am in desperate need for some winter boots as wearing converse in this weather just wont suffice and is just plain crazy.This is my new coat from Asos , that i haven't stopped wearing since i bought it.And my new jumper from H&M ,i'm not sure if its mustard or lime ? or somewhere between the two? But again i have not stopped wearing it . So for Halloween i rocked up as a ketchup bottle sadly i don't have any photos of my costume :( but it was tres cool .